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Take time to travel along with Zyablik, a small bird who is desperately searching for missing stars.
Will you be kind to everyone who meet along the way or ignore them and their wishes? It`s up to you!


There are  2(+1) main endings depending from your choises.
Average playtime: 30-40 minutes.
Now available in multiple languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian



story/code by Bozha
art  by Sim4es
website: smolbirbgame.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Ren'Py, Short, Third Person
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Ukrainian


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SmolBirb-mac.zip 368 MB
SmolBirb-pc.zip 386 MB


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This is so dead wth


I wrote a review of this game, but since some people may be looking at this webpage wondering if they should play this game, I will copy and paste my review here:

This is an absolutely stunning little game. The story is quaint and wholesome. In many stories, references to pop culture feel pandering, but here they felt like sharing a joke with a friend. 

The art is absolutely gorgeous. The character designs are unique and effectively communicate each character's personality. The soft brushwork creates an inviting atmosphere, even in the darkest areas. And the backgrounds are beautiful. They make the work feel so rich and make the reader want to explore every nook and cranny of this lovely little universe.

The world-building is well thought-out and creative, yet never so lore-heavy as to break the game's fairytale-like tone. The story is very wholesome, and I had no trouble at all going back and correcting my mistakes from the previous play-through to get the good ending. Getting it felt like a small triumph in an otherwise dull and anxiety-filled day in my life.

My only criticism is that there were quite a few spelling errors in the English version. In most games that would be very distracting, but with the simplistic, childlike wonder that sets the mood of the game, the mistakes almost felt charming. 

To anyone wondering if this game is worth your time, if the wholesome bird you see on the game's webpage banner makes you want to see the little guy happy, then you will get everything you want from this tiny game. Definitely worth 45 minutes of my day. I highly recommend this game.


A beautiful and touching game. I played it through a few times to see what happened if I did something different. The last playthrough was the best, because I took all the knowledge from previous tries, and did everything exactly right. The soundtrack was amazing, hope it releases someday. All in all, I give this game a 20/10, the extra ten points are for how each character’s personality felt like they were old friends, and the fact that the game was just gorgeous, and everything just fell into place. Thank you Devs for such a treat, and virtual hugs to all (unless you don’t like hugs, I understand).

This is so wonderfully adorable!  The art, the characters and the adventure itself is so well made. My favorite interaction is the 'fight' with Kahn. lol Awesome job devs! <3




 wow! I like the game at the first glance. I'm looking forward to its Chinese translation.

make it for window.


pc is windows



it is now on widows. me haps now.

englosh sgills

Has the localization process into Spanish started? Me and my partner would love to volunteer in making a Spanish translation if there's not one yet :) It's a beautiful game.


Muito bom! Curto mas de ótima qualidade, eu joguei em inglÊs mesmo não sabendo , consegui jogar até o final =)  extremamente fofo , eu o joguei em tempo livre de aula e eu vou contar pra minha professora o quão divertido foi ;)

nos um brasileiro


n o i c e


is there a Spanish language available? i wanted to ask if i can volunteer for this project to help in making a Spanish Translation with your consent.


Hi! Yes, sure! We would be really happy :) 

Can you contact me via email glovingvoid@gmail.com for further discussion?


sure let me see what i can do, i am currently working a few projects and i will play your game to have a better feel and experience, its visuals are  fun.


verry cute little game, with a wholesome conclution. [:


Glad to hear that you liked it!


Very nice, I love the giant eel, Eris especially >3


Eris is our the most favourite fish!:) 

Thank you for playing! 


I absolutely loved this game! It was so adorable and heartwarming <3

We are so happy that you liked it! <3


The art is gorgeous and the story so poetic and cute!

The artist sends you all of her love! Thank you! 


enjoyed this very much

Glad to hear it! Thank you for your feedback! 


Hello ! Your game is amazingly cute. I noticed a little typo in the english pc build where it is spelled "otside" instead of "outside". 

I'm wondering, would you be interested in making a French build ? My python skills are very limited but I would glady provide you a french translation of the dialogs !

Hi! Oh thank you for this!  We are now working on new build, so we will change this typo soon! 

Yeah, that would be great! We will totally be happy to make French translation (besides it`s not that hard). How I can contact you? 


Hello !

As I don't really use social medias, I've sent a mail to the address posted on smolbirb's website. 


Just played this game live on stream. Absolutely fantastic. Such a sweet game which made me smile and laugh and feel sad all at the same time. Very fun and cute game. Art style is 10/10.


Thanks again for plaing and for your emotions. We had fun watching your stream!! 



it was epic and so peaceful. the ending was really sad though. totally epic story!


Hey! Thank you for playing!! We are really happy to hear such a nice feedback! <3

(P.S. there are 2 main endings, you can choose different options in scenes with big fishes to reach the happy ending :))


Zyablik looks like character from game "FullPipe"

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you for your comment. There are some similarities, but these characters are different :)


what a fantastic game! Such a great experience. 

Thanks for playing! Really happy that you enjoyed it!:)

Deleted post

This was such a cute and beautiful game! I loved all the various references, especially the battle. The background art of the various areas in space particularly drew me in.  Thank you for such an enjoyable experience :)

That`s so nice that you liked our novel! 

And we are really happy to see such a sweet feedback, thank you too! 


It took me 10 minutes to translate the morse code to find out that it was a twilight reference. 

Still loved everything about the game though :))))


Ahh!! We just thought it would be really neat to put something fun there :) 

Thank you! We are really happy to hear it!<3


Excellent game. The English is also excellent, which is unusual in a multilingual game. The story is heartfelt and quite funny in places. I especially laughed at the battle. Thank you so much.

Thank you! We worked really hard to polish translations :) And we are really grateful that you played our game!


I absolutely loved this game.. it has such a simple, sweet feeling to it. The art is beautiful! I really loved the story and the cute humor that was incorporated into it. Thank you for making this game!! The good ending was so sweet and wholesome ! It was such a pleasure to play :) thank you.


Aww! We are so happy to hear that! Thank you too!:)

Hey, I was trying to run this game on android using JoiPlay; everything works perfectly except that the language isn't set to English by default and there isn't an option to change language when running the game on JoiPlay like there is on PC. 

TLDR: is there a way to change the default language without using the in-game settings? 


Hey, thank you for your feedback! We`ll fix problem with default language in a few days on pc.

P.S sorry this is my first time I ever heard about JoiPlay but I will try to do something about it.

Woah, thanks so much for going the extra mile. I'm really looking forward to it!

I think that JoiPlay is pretty new; it's an emulator for Ren'Py, a bunch of RPG maker versions, Tyranobuilder & HTML games. I've had varying success with it but luckily your game seems to run smooth besides the language options not being there.

Here's their links:

I also think they made it on the PlayStore officially. Make sure to install the base emulator + the Ren'Py plugin!

(2 edits) (+1)

Okay, I think I managed to do this :D

I changed the default language and also make ingame settings to work on emulator. (It was fun to install an emulator of renpy on emulator of android :)) 

And thank you for your explanation on joiplay! 


Thanks for all the effort for making this beautiful game and updating it so that English speakers could play it on mobile. I was only looking for a workaround when reaching out to you; didn't expect all this! <3

I submitted your game to the emulator's compatible games list, I hope that the both of you get some more much deserved recognition. 

Aw we are really pleased that it worked out!

Anyway, we really love what we have done and also want to show it to more people :)

We are sooo grateful, thank you again! <3<3<3


Коротенькая новелла о рыбах в космосе, настойчивости и решительности, любви и искренности. На прохождение минут 15-30, смотря как залипать на очень красивый арт под атмосферный саундрек. На то, чтобы потом прийти в себя от умиления и уродливых счастливых рыданий - от получаса до бесконечности. <3

Нам очень радостно получить такой милейший отзыв! Большое сердечное спасибо! 


Thought the game was only around 30-40 minutes, but apparently I played it for almost an hour and a half! Well, anyway, I'll be back in an hour and a half too! Good visual novel by the way, it reminds me of those folklore story books I've read, but taken into the context of a modern era imagination. The art styles and the writing styles are a perfect match for each other to convey the thing I've said before.

(7 edits) (+1)(-1)

Okay I'm back, after 4 hours. 

I've made a let's play of the visual novel, that's all. Split it into two parts because of how unexpectedly long it is.


очень милая игруля. история на час, но эмоции и любовь в сердечке останутся с вами навсегда 
10 горшков с ромашкой из 10 

История, рисовка, атмосфера, персонажи мне понравилось всё! прекрасная возможность ненадолго сбежать от тяжких дел и оказаться в другом мире, где у тебя есть своя планета, рыбы-почтальоны приносят тебе письма от Дамы сердца, с которой вы скоро должны встретиться.
именно то, что мне было очень нужно 

огромное спасибо за труд и создание чего-то прекрасного, надеюсь на продолжение, где будет больше  игровых действий *лучи сил* 

Сама игра - завершенная история. Возможно мы сделаем что-то еще и учтем насчет действий)

Спасибо за такой большой и хороший отзыв и теплые слова!


Чудесная игра полная доброты, любви и смеха! Прекрасные дизайны, фоны, музыка. Теперь точно одна из моих самых любимых ВН!! Даже если история не самая длинная, она все равно очень интересная. Хорошая работа вы огромные молодцы!

Глупой овечке привет! 

Лев загадочно подмигивает) 

Благодарим за отзыв, ваши слова нам как маслом по сердцу! 


Абсолютно прекрасная игра*-*
Визуал просто обворожительный, художнице низкий поклон. Музыка на фоне создаёт такую сказочную атмосферу, она замечательная:3
Персонажи игры выше всех похвал, но Плотва - это просто любовь, жиза, а не рыба :D
Отсылки веселят, сюжет умиляет, концовка заставляет растечься лужицей:3
Огромная благодарность всем создателям за это чудо<3

Спасибо большое! Мы очень рады, что вам понравилось) 

Художницу уже заобнимали и закормили любовью!